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Office Supplies & Purchasing Program



Welcome to your League and League Service Corporation's Purchasing Program. This partnership with Office Depot is designed to help your credit union maximize savings through a national, collaborative buying power. This program will save you time and money on everything from copy paper, printer ink and toner, cleaning and breakroom items to office furniture and more.

  • Up to 80% Discount on 300 Most-preferred Products – Best Value List
  • Business Select Catalog – 3,000 products at 15% off Retail Web Pricing
  • 75,000 Additional Products Discounted Below Retail Web
  • Special Copy & Print Pricing (2.5¢ Black and White, 22¢ Digital Color)
  • FREE Next Day Delivery on orders over $50
  • Store Discount Card allowing for program pricing at all Office Depot locations
  • Monthly Specials
  • No hassle returns through the website or by contacting customer service
  • One-time, quick and easy registration through the automated online system

Best Value List

Click Here to create a login for your account, shop online, and/or register your credit card. Registration is simple and your savings are immediate.


Customer Service: 888.263.3423 (8 AM – 5PM EST. Customer service is available to assist you with questions concerning products, pricing, returns, and support services. Customer Service will not take phone orders.

Navigation Questions?: Call the e-commerce help desk at 800.269.6888 (7 AM – 8 PM EST, M-F)

Contact any member of the your League Service Corporation Team with questions.