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Insurance & Lending

Insurance and Benefit Products: Peace of Mind for Members and Your Credit Union

Through your League and League Service Corporation's partnership with CUNA Mutual Group, affiliates have access to a variety of quality insurance products and services, including:

Insurance and Protection

Meet the protection and risk management needs of your credit union and membership with:

Credit Union Protection

  • Bond
  • Business Auto
  • Collateral Protection
  • Cyber & Security Incident
  • Management & Professional Liability
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Plastic Card
  • Property & Business Liability
  • Risk Management
  • Workers Compensation

Member Protection

  • Credit Insurance
  • Debt Protection
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection
  • Mechanical Repair Coverage
  • Auto & Home
  • Life
  • AD&D
  • Long Term Care

Direct Marketing

Strengthen member relationships and build an additional income stream thru sophisticated, multichannel direct marketing.


The innovative MemberCONNECT® direct marketing program builds deeper connections with credit union members through important protection options while providing credit unions with a valuable source of non-lending revenue.

Employee Benefits

Recruit and retain the right employees with targeted benefits programs:

  • Executive Benefits
  • Group Benefits
  • 401(k) and Retirement Plans
  • Benefits and Pre-funding

Through CUNA Mutual’s Members Financial Services program, your credit union can also provide members with financial planning services.

Your League supports and endorses the insurance programs of CUNA Mutual Insurance Society, which, in turn, supports the organized credit union movement.

Let Us Help You Drive Loans and Savings Growth

In today's demanding marketplace, you cannot afford to miss out on any loan. That is why your League and League Service Corporation offer a wide range of service offerings that ensure you are your members' "anytime, anywhere" credit union.

Lending Services

Generate, retain, and reclaim loans with these competitive, cost-effective programs:

• - Online Lending
• LOANLINER® Document Solutions
• Lender Development Program
• Loan Generation Marketing


Meet the institutional asset management and member investment needs through:

• Brokerage Services
• Annuities