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Human Resource Management Solutions

Through your League's relationship with HRN Performance Solutions, you are able to receive expert advice on a variety of day-to-day personnel issues or to get help with developing a personnel program which helps you to train, retain and meet the needs of your employees.

What can HRN Performance Solutions Do For You?

Contact HRN Performance Solutions for in-depth analysis services, HR program development and recruitment services.

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Cost of Services:

HRN tailors services to meet the unique needs of your credit union, so costs will vary depending on your needs.

Who Do I Contact?

Visit the HRN Performance Solutions Website for contact information.
 HRN Performance Solutions
 802 E. Winchester St., Suite 200
 Salt Lake City, UT 84107
 Tel: (801) 747-1170 or (800) 940-7522
 Fax: (801) 747-1175