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Fraud Prevention

 Advanced Fraud Solutions - TrueChecks™

TrueChecks™ is a proven software solution that identifies counterfeit checks and demand drafts at your teller workstation. TrueChecks™ provides your tellers an instant analysis of the check for better front line decisions.

TrueChecks™ stops:

  • Counterfeit Checks
  • Counterfeit Money orders
  • Counterfeit Postal orders
  • Counterfeit Travelers Checks
  • Counterfeit lottery scam drafts
  • Counterfeit overseas scam drafts
  • Counterfeit rings in your area

TrueChecks™ is a SAS 70 Type II compliant hosted solution, deployed overnight, and available on a monthly subscription service, for an all inclusive monthly fee. TrueChecks™ leverages your existing infrastructure, so there is no upfront hardware, communications or installation costs. Sign up today and eliminate your counterfeit checks at the teller window.