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ERS: Job and Applicant Listings

Job Candidates: Find a Job at a Credit Union

As a service to your League's credit union members, your trade association posts a listing of currently available jobs.

Credit Unions: Find a Qualified Candidate for Your Available Positions

In addition, your League offers job candidates an opportunity to post their qualifications on this website to aid each individual in their job search. Credit union human resource managers and management can search for qualified candidates based on the candidate's preferred job and their geographic location. Note: You must be a registered user of our Web site to access the applicant listing.

Need Help Developing a Job Description?

If you are a credit union member and would like information about titles and descriptions of common credit union job openings, we have that as a resource in our password protected area. Just click here to view the Jobs Description Library.

Contact Us

The Employment Referral Service (ERS) is a service for members of the Virginia Credit Union League and affiliated or endorsed organizations, as well as applicants.  To submit a position or résumé for the ERS please contact:

Employment Referral Service
Virginia Credit Union League
PO Box 11469
Lynchburg, VA 24506
Phone: 800-768-3344, ext. 615
Fax: 434-237-5068

Job Descriptions

Library of Job Descriptions

Applicant Listings

View our Applicant listings. Note: You must be logged in to access this page.

Job Listings

View our listing of currently available jobs.