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Check & Share Draft Solutions

Share Draft Solutions to Help Hone Your Competitive Edge

Face it: the share draft account plays a pivotal role in your relationship with your member, in addition to driving considerable income for your bottom line. Your League and League Service Corporation understand this idea and have developed deep partnerships designed to help you find the strategic edge in your share draft/check program by delivering solutions that enhance your relationships with your members.



Palmetto Cooperative Services

Share Draft Processing

Your League and League Service Corporation's partnership with Palmetto Cooperative Services (PCS) is designed to bring affordable, state-of-the-art share draft processing and check imaging to Virginia’s credit unions. PCS processes share drafts for more than 400 credit unions in 20 states.

These credit unions entrust more than 10 million items and 125,000 returns each month to the Columbia, South Carolina operation. Owed to its expertise in credit unions’ unique needs and the volume of items it processes, Palmetto Cooperative Services can offer credit unions and their members cost-effective, value-added share draft processing.

PCS’s recent enhancements include state-of-the-art digital images, Internet retrieval services for both credit union members and staff, and the capability to integrate with a customized e-statement solution. 

Branch Capture

Image technology is installed onsite at branches and check images and MICR data are captured at the point of presentment and forwarded to PCS for collection.

Teller Capture

Scanning hardware is installed at each teller station with an interface to the core processor.

ATM Capture

Eliminate daily trips to your ATMs to remove deposit envelopes and stop empty deposit envelopes.




Advanced Fraud Solutions - TrueChecks™

TrueChecks™ is a proven software solution that identifies counterfeit checks and demand drafts at the teller workstation. TrueChecks™ provides tellers an instant analysis of the check for better front line decisions.

TrueChecks™ stops:

• Counterfeit Checks
• Counterfeit Money orders
• Counterfeit Postal orders
• Counterfeit Travelers Checks
• Counterfeit lottery scam drafts
• Counterfeit overseas scam drafts
• Counterfeit rings in your area

TrueChecks™ is a SAS 70 Type II compliant hosted solution, deployed overnight, and available on a monthly subscription service, for an all inclusive monthly fee. TrueChecks™ leverages your existing infrastructure, so there is no upfront hardware, communications or installation costs. Sign up today and eliminate your counterfeit checks at the teller window.