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Verafin is the North American Leader in BSA/AML Compliance and Fraud-Detection Software.

Credit unions save 10% off retail through this partnership. Verafin's solution combines four elements for the most comprehensive solution on the market:

  • BSA/AML Compliance - Provides automated CTR and SAR reporting as well as automated BSA record keeping
  • Fraud Detection - Detects fraudulent activity (debit, check and account fraud) and reduces losses
  • FACTS Red Flags - Facilitates creation of red flags and configuration by type, assigns investigation/expiration to flagged accounts, verifies SSN, checks against internal watch lists, and mines for suspicious personal ID information
  • Watch List & 314(a) Checking - Checks people, vendors and businesses against the OFAC SDN list, performs 314(a) searches, checks incoming and outgoing wires and flags positive matches, alerts compliance officer, accommodates fraud lists and internal watch lists, and maintains exemption lists.