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ATM and Card Services

Power Up Your Service Offerings With This Essential EFT Service

You can offer key ATM, POS and card services that today's wired member-owner expects.

Fiserv ATM/POS Services

Your League and League Service Corporation can provide you with automated teller machine (ATM) implementation assistance and ongoing program support. We work with Fiserv to provide ATM services ranging from card issuance only to multi-site ATM support, connecting directly with all major brands of ATMs as well as providing intercept processor capabilities.

Through Fiserv, your credit union can utilize gateway services to major ATM networks (including CREDIT UNION 24, PLUS, CIRRUS, AMEX, AFFN, STAR, and others), multiple levels of transaction authorizations, and point-of-sale (POS) network authorization and support.

Fiserv Debit Card Services  

Fiserv also provides debit card services with online authorizations. Your members gain instant access to share draft/checking accounts wherever VISA or MasterCard is accepted.

Fiserv Credit Card Services

Fiserv offers a Full Service Credit Card Program to fit the needs of your credit union regardless of your asset size. The world-class Vision PLUS platform enables clients to grow their payments business while providing a single vendor solution. Fiserv supports both consumer and business credit products through both VISA and MasterCard.