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League Public Relations


Part of your League's mission is to watch and monitor emerging and ongoing issues that affect our credit unions. We then evaluate that information and ensure credit unions are made aware of those issues and, if necessary, what we hope they will do in response. 

Media Relations

Traditional media relations and maintaining a positive relationship with traditional media and the trade press is a key component of our public relations work. That involves fielding inquiries from reporters, researching topics being covered in news stories, and producing the League’s own news releases.

Social Responsibility

Another part of our public relations work is social responsibility. This involves promoting not only statewide charitable and community involvement work, primarily through the work of the League’s Community Involvement Committee, but also ensuring individual credit unions understand the importance of community involvement and the public relations value of our good works.


Data Security
Data Breach Resources

The Target Stores breach has thrust data security issues back into the spotlight and with added scrutiny from Congress, this issue might continue to be a hot topic for months to come.

Please find talking points to use for media inquiries. It will help our cause if consumers understand that credit unions and other community financial institutions are especially hard hit by merchant data breaches 

Click here for the talking points.

Quit The Hit Capitol Logo
Quit The Hit Statewide Awareness Campaign  

We are asking Virginia's consumers to Quit The Hit! By joining a credit union, consumers enjoy better rates, fewer and less costly fees, and superior services.

Your League appreciates the credit unions who have financially helped with the Statewide Credit Union Awareness Campaign but every credit union can help to make this effort successful! 

See our resources page
View the news release

To View the Latest Results Click Here!

For information, contact your League's Bethany Scott or Nicole Widell

Reality Check Logo
Reality Check

Reality Check is an initiative of Virginia's credit unions to bring affordable micro-loans ($3,000 or less at origination) to struggling Virginia households. The recent recession has increased the credit needs of many consumers, despite their efforts to reduce spending and debt.

- Learn more

Or, contact your League's Lewis Wood or Dawn Lindley.


Unite for Good
Unite for Good

A cultural shift is happening in America that aligns perfectly with the credit union movement. It's a move toward values-based decision-making. A move away from big corporations and big banks. Americans are looking for an alternative in financial services. We need to show them that we are that alternative. This is our movement, and it is up to us to define it.

Credit unions have made collaborative banking a successful way of life for millions, while offering first-rate member service and impressive savings. But we only have 96 million members in a nation of over 300 million. And of those members, fewer than half call their credit union their primary financial institution. It's time for a new vision for the future of credit unions, one in which Americans choose credit unions as their best financial partner!

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Assistance for Credit Unions

Your League's Public Relations Team is available to assist you in crisis communications, media relations and public relations.

Our Public Relations Team

  • Rick Pillow, President
    800.768.3344 or 434.237.9600 
  • Lewis Wood, Vice President of Public Relations and Communication
    800.768.3344, ext. 629 or 434.237.9629 

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