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The Virginia Credit Union Political Action Committee (VACUPAC) is a non-partisan, voluntary organization that allows credit union members to raise money to support candidates for state office who are open to listening to credit union concerns. A portion of VACUPAC funds are forwarded to the national political action committee that supports candidates for the U.S. House and Senate.

Contribute to VACUPAC and (Possibly) Win $500!

Contribute to the Virginia Credit Union Political Action Committee (VACUPAC) for a chance to win $500! VACUPAC is a non-partisan, voluntary effort to support political candidates who support credit unions and the issues that matter to us.

A $500 winner will be randomly selected on Oct. 1 at the Legislative Forum. Credit union employees/volunteers who have given to VACUPAC on or before Sept. 15, 2014 get a chance to win!

Learn more by contacting your League's Karin Sherbin at 800.768.3344, ext. 626 or ksherbin@vacul.org

VACUPAC Allocations

How we use your contributions to VACUPAC to further the credit union cause

Contribute to VACUPAC

How you and your credit union can contribute to VACUPAC and ensure the legislative future of credit unions and your own career

CU Contributions to VACUPAC

Your credit union, as a corporate entity, also options in supporting the work of VACUPAC

VACUPAC Contributors List

View the individuals, credit unions and chapters that supported the work of VACUPAC last year

Chapter VACUPAC Goals & Contributions

Where does your chapter stand in reaching its VACUPAC goal for this year?