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State Legislative Issues

State Credit Union Issues for the Year

The League is filing two pieces of legislation this session.

One would allow credit unions and other financial institutions to offer prize-linked savings accounts and the other would exclude ATMs from the definition of service facilities as related to establishing, moving or closing offices.

Our prize-linked savings bills having the following bill numbers - SB737 in the Senate and HB1487 in the House. Sen. John Cosgrove and Del. Greg Habeeb have introduced the bills on our behalf. Our ATM legislation -- SB 875 and HB 1629 -- has been introduced by Sen. Cosgrove and Del. Kathy Byron. Neither is expected to be controversial.

We are in the process of reviewing the hundreds of bills filed for the 2015 session, and selected some for tracking because they are relevant to credit unions.

Tracking State Bills Relevant to Credit Unions

Every year the General Assembly considers hundreds of bills. Although most are of no relevance to credit unions, there are a few dozen each year that could impact our operations. Our bill tracker allows you to see a list of bills that relate to financial services and monitor updates on those bills every Friday afternoon during the General Assembly session.

General Assembly

House of Delegates Bills 2015

General Assembly 2015: House of Delegates Bills of Interest to Credit Unions

Virginia Senate Bills 2015

General Assembly 2015: Virginia Senate Bills of Interest to Credit Unions