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We’re Starting the GAC with a Mini-Hike the Hill

The Credit Union National Association’s Governmental Affairs Committee starts full-blown today, and your League and credit union advocates are taking advantage of a day in Washington to visit legislative aides to brief them on our issues before Wednesday’s Congressional Luncheon (and before the bankers do their Hike the Hill on Tuesday!).

Jason Clarke is part of the mini-Hike, and he has a great story to tell because his credit union, DuPont Community, does member business lending. DuPont isn’t near the cap but the existence of the stringent cap does affect the credit union’s long-term planning on MBLs. In other words, even without hitting the cap, DuPont has to curtail its MBL program.

Glenn Birch of Virginia Credit Union also will be part of the contingent. His credit union won’t even get into MBL because the cap is too low. If it were raised to a modest 27.5% that could make the difference to allowing VACU to provide a service that is needed.

We need your stories! Email them to us, and when you come to the Congressional Luncheon, share them with lawmakers and staff.

Also, we need you to contact Sens. Webb and Warner today!

We’ve made contacting our senators incredibly easy! Log on to and you’ll be able to e-mail both of our senators in one quick step!

We’ve provided talking points, but we strongly encourage you to customize your e-mail as much as possible with stories about …

  • how the cap is adversely affecting your MBL program;
  • the small businesses you’ve been able to help through your MBL program;
  • or how the cap has discouraged you from launching an MBL program, etc.

This is a golden opportunity to build momentum for this legislation, so please pass this action alert to every credit union supporter you know!

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