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Virginia’s Credit Unions Represented at Women’s Conference Hosted by Sen. Mark Warner

Credit unions were well represented at the Saturday women’s forum held in Richmond under the auspices of Sen. Mark Warner.

Warner hosts the annual event  in order to provide information and inspiration to women to help them improve their lives.

League Senior Vice President David Miles sat at the head table at lunchtime representing the League as a co-sponsor of the forum. Candice Shelor, a mortgage specialist with the Virginia Credit Union, served as a panelist in a morning session devoted to major financial issues facing women.

Miles was able to talk with Warner’s top aides - David Hallock and Michelle Maiwurm - during the event as well as Del. Jenn McLellan. Reports Miles: Everyone raved about the CU presenter discussing mortgages. 

Virginia Credit Union and the League also provided information on credit unions for a resource table at the forum.

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