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Tidewater Chapter Marks Legislators’ Night

Lewis Wood
Vice President of Public Relations and Communications
800.768.3344, ext. 629

More than sixty credit union supporters attended the Tidewater Chapter’s Legislative night on Oct. 11. State Sen. Ken Alexander and Del. Lionel Spruill Sr. were in attendance and thanked credit unions for their service to their members and communities.

Sen. Alexander noted credit unions had much to celebrate with International Credit Union Day fast approaching, saying he appreciated the “Members Matter Most” theme. He noted that credit unions have seen a significant increase in public awareness the past few years as consumers have flocked to smaller financial institutions. He noted, too, that credit unions are part of the fabric of their communities.

“Not every financial institution can say that,” said the senator. “You know your members; they’re your neighbors, they work in your community, attend your church, go to your gym. You care about your members and your community, and it shows.”

He praised credit unions for their aid to Virginia’s small businesses. “When banks would not lend to small business, credit unions stepped in,” said Sen. Alexander. “Whether it’s gap financing to help that small business owner purchase supplies, or helping someone start a business, you should be commended for helping the small business owner.”

Del. Spruill shared a personal story about how the then-Tidewater Telephone Employees Credit Union, now merged into BayPort Credit Union, helped his wife and him as they were starting their family.

“While I had good credit, I had not been at my job long enough to qualify for a bank loan. I turned to Tidewater Telephone Credit Union and they helped me when no one else would,” said Del. Spruill. “Your credit unions are growing and you can be proud of that, but I charge each of you to stay true to that focus on members.”

League President Rick Pillow, who emceed the legislative portion of the program, urged credit unions to continue working on member business legislation. He said the upcoming lame duck session of Congress stills holds hope of passage, though credit unions will need to be prepared to fight for the legislation when the time comes.

“Every candidate on the campaign trail – Republican, Democrat or independent – harps on the need to create jobs,” said Pillow. “It makes one wonder how serious they truly are when commonsense legislation like the MBL bill, which helps America’s small businesses, hasn’t passed Congress. America’s small business owners and our credit unions have been promised a vote this session on MBL legislation; we’re working to hold Congressional leadership to that promise.”

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