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Roundup of General Assembly-Related News & Newsmakers

Washington Post: Cuccinelli Says He’ll Return To Private Practice, But Is that All?

In his first interview since Democrat Terry McAuliffe defeated him to become the state’s 72nd governor, Cuccinelli (R) said Monday that although he has no current plans to run, he finds the idea of challenging Sen. Warner “tempting” because of the troubled rollout of the federal health-care law, which the Democratic senator supported. [read more]

Loudon Times: Dems To Hold Primary Saturday To Fill State Senate Seat Now Held by Mark Herring

Showing confidence that Herring will retain the lead in the tight attorney general’s race, local Democrats will hold a firehouse primary, or unassembled caucus, Nov. 23 to elect their nominee to replace state Sen. Mark Herring (D-33rd) in the General Assembly should Herring maintain his advantage and eventually win the historically close 2013 attorney general race. Two candidates will be on the Democrats' ballot: Jennifer Wexton, a Leesburg attorney, and Sheila Olem, a member of Herndon Town Council. [read more

Roanoke Times: Democrat Eyes Upcoming Vacancy in Del. Onzlee Ware’s District

Roanoke native Keith Wheaton said this morning that he is considering a bid for the Democratic nomination. Wheaton, who lives in northwest Roanoke, is the founder of the consulting firm JBT Media Holdings, Inc., and is active in city civic affairs. He serves on the Roanoke Fair Housing Board and chairs the legal redress committee for the Roanoke branch of the NAACP. He also served on the city’s election precinct task force. [read more

Roanoke Times: Republican Eyes Upcoming Vacancy in Del. Onzlee Ware’s District

Roanoke Sheriff Octavia Johnson declared her candidacy for the special election in the 11th District on Friday, one day after Ware announced that he will resign before the General Assembly session begins in January.Johnson lost her bid for a third term in the sheriff’s office last week, finishing behind Democrat Tim Allen in a three-way race. She is the first Republican to announce her candidacy for Ware’s seat. [read more]

Virginian-Press: Del. Lynwood Lewis Wins Democratic Nom To Run for Senate Seat Being Vacated by LG-Elect Northam

Lewis said he doesn't plan to wait for Republicans to make their selection before launching his campaign. [read more]

Virginian-Pilot: Hampton Roads Tea Party Members Consider Their Next Moves

Scores of Tea Party volunteers worked for the candidates in Hampton Roads. But after Ken Cuccinelli’s narrow defeat by Terry McAuliffe and Jackson’s trouncing by Ralph Northam, they blamed what many in the movement call the “hypocrisy” of other Republicans for not supporting the ticket.“There’s a lot of discontent in our organization,” Keith Freeman said. “We tried to work within the GOP. When we made the choices, they picked up their ball and went home.” Prime examples of the disengagement, said Freeman and other local Tea Party activists, were Bolling’s unwillingness to support Cuccinelli’s candidacy and the lack of sufficient national GOP financial support. “They seem to view us as some sort of threat,” Freeman said. “I just can’t see that. We’ve only had success when we’ve stuck with conservative candidates.” [read more]

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