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Roanoke Valley Chapter Hosts Lawmakers

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The Roanoke Valley Chapter last week held its legislators’ event in tandem with International Credit Union week. Below are notes from what the legislators or their aides told credit union members:

  • State Sen. John Edwards, who sits on the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, complimented credit unions on programs designed for members that provide small loans as an alternative to payday lenders. He also mentioned that credit unions are helping to bring back the economy.
  • Del. Greg Habeeb, who serves on the House Commerce and Labor Committee, said, “you know you (credit unions) are the heartbeat of people in the community. Credit unions have a great story to tell and we are sold on credit unions. He said that the Legislative Dinner/Meeting not be the only time that he and his colleagues hear from credit unions. He welcomes the opportunity to talk and discuss our concerns.
  • Pete Larkin, district director for Rep. for Bob Goodlatte, said “We understand the value that credit unions provide to the 3 million credit union members in Virginia.” He urged credit unions to let him or the Congressman know if we have questions. We may not agree on all issues at all times. He stated that if they don’t hear from credit unions, they don’t know the issues.

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