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Richmond Hosts Last Chapter Legislative Event of 2013

Richmond Chapter Legislative Breakfast

Seventy people attended the Richmond Chapter's Legislative Breakfast on Dec. 12. Pictured from left: Andrew Reynolds (BayLands Federal Credit Union), Del. Riley Ingram, House Majority Leader Kirk Cox, and League Director of Governmental Affairs Karin Sherbin

About 70 people attended the Richmond Chapter's annual legislative breakfast Thursday morning and heard House Majority Kirk Cox highlight legislative successes and continuing challenges.

League President Rick Pillow, who introduced Cox, also noted the declining number of credit unions across the nation as well as in Virginia.

“We’re losing one credit union a day in this country,” Pillow said. The good news is that assets and membership are up. The difficulty for all financial institutions, especially credit unions, is keeping up with the increasing regulation from Washington. Pillow noted that the General Assembly has kept a more positive environment in Virginia. He thanked the state lawmakers for that, adding, “We want small credit unions in the future.

House Majority Leader Kirk Cox was the keynote speaker, and he remarked that this was the first time he could attend the breakfast because for the previous 30 years he was teaching at that hour. He cited state achievements, including state budget surpluses,a  triple A bond rating and a relatively low unemployment rate. As for big issues up for discussion in the 2014 General Assembly, Cox said the state should look at ways to improve its already good programs to serve veterans. Besides services, Cox said, veterans need jobs, and he called upon businesses to commit to hiring veterans.

Also attending the event were state Sens. Steve Martin, Henry Marsh, John Watkins, and Walter Stosch. State Delegates attending were Betsy Carr, Roxann Robinson, Riley Ingram, and Lee Ware.


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