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Rep. Morgan Griffith Supports Credit Union Tax Exemption

Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-9th) is quoted in Eastman Credit Union's recent newsletter as supporting the preservation of credit unions' tax exemption.

U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith supports the mission of credit unions and he understands the important role that credit unions play in the financial services sector, says the newsletter article. "He is aware that credit unions have provided crucial services to their members during this time of economic uncertainty," the newsletter notes.

Congressman Griffith states, “I will continue to support federal laws that allow credit unions to have a tax-exempt status.”

View the newsletter article here. (pdf, 123kb)

Credit unions across America are taking action to prevent another tax on their 96 million members.

Join the cause. Engage your members. Share your story of why credit unions are Americans' best financial partner, and tell Congress "Don't Tax My Credit Union!"

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