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NoVA Chapter Wraps Up CU Day Events with Successful Richmond Visits

About 20 members of the NoVA Chapter held the last of this year’s CU Days at the General Assembly on Tuesday. A successful round  of conversations with legislators included formal appointments with freshmen and then meet and greet at a reception held in a conference room of the General Assembly Building.

The day capped off with an introduction on the floor of the House of Delegates by Del. Al Lopez of credit union member representatives in the House gallery, which included NoVA credit union members and League President Rick Pillow.

During the morning, NOVA credit union advocates talked with the following legislators:

Sens. Ebbin and Wexton; and Dels. LaRock, Berg, Kory, Simon, Futrell, Hope, Keam, Comstock, Anderson, Bulova, Plum and Watts.

In addition, Pillow met up with Del. Lopez in the hallway of the GAB, and some NOVA advocates ran across Del. Krupicka in the hallway of the Capitol.

Also, some non-NoVA legislators stopped by the chapter’s reception: the Chairman of the House Commerce and Labor Committee, Del. Terry Kilgore, and a member of that committee, Del. Greg Habeeb.  

Finally, one NoVA group in the Capitol also ran into House Minority Leader David Toscano, who said hello as he rushed off to his meeting. 


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