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More Good News for Credit Union Bills!

League President Rick Pillow reports that the Senate versions of our credit union bills (SB 905 and SB 769) passed the House Commerce and Labor Committee on Thursday, 20-to-0. So, it’s on to the House Floor next week!

The Senate has passed our House companion bills – HB 1351 and HB 1686 – so they’re off to the governor for his signature, which could happen anytime between now and July 1.

The legislative process is always fraught with peril, so we play it smart and introduce our legislation in both houses.

“We could not be more pleased with how well the session has gone for credit unions,” said League President Rick Pillow. “A lot of the credit for that is owed to the 180 or so credit union supporters that made the trip to Richmond as part of our chapter ‘CU Day at the General Assembly’ events. Lawmakers know credit unions to be an active, engaged constituency, and that makes a difference when we lobby for legislation.”

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