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Lynchburg Chapter Hosts Local Lawmakers During Annual Legislative Night

Photo Gallery: Lynchburg Legislative Night

The Lynchburg Chapter hosted Dels. Lacey Putney (I-19), Scott Garrett (R-23) and Matt Fariss (R-59) at the Chapter's Annual Legislative Night. The Oct. 8 event drew 40 credit union supporters to Beacon Credit Union's headquarters.

Putney, who is retiring after 52 years in the Virginia House of Delegates, served for years as chairman of the powerful House Appropriations committee.

He is a longtime friend of Virginia's credit unions, noted Virginia Credit Union League President Rick Pillow, who along with Chapter President Jane Foster of Lynchburg Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union, thanked Putney for his decades of service to the commonwealth and credit unions with a resolution and plaque from the Chapter.

Putney noted that he learned an important lesson about the lobbying might of credit unions during credit unions'  dust-up with the automobile dealers association years ago over car tent sales. "I don't think I fully understood just how powerful a lobbying force credit unions could be until that issue cropped up."

Pillow also thanked Garrett and Fariss for their willingness to hear out credit unions on key issues of concern to us. Garrett said he was impressed with the League's and credit unions' lobbying work.

"You have a great team of lobbyists on your side, and I appreciate Rick's insights on issues that affect credit unions and consumers," said Garrett. "It's important that you folks continue to educate your representatives in Richmond about issues that matter to you."

Fariss and Garrett both noted that they're continually impressed by the good works of local credit unions and both said being members of a credit union gave them a healthy respect for the Credit Union Difference and our "People Helping People" philosophy.

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