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League Represents Credit Unions at Annual Democratic Retreat

League President Rick Pillow and Senior Vice President David Miles are representing Virginia’s credit unions at the annual retreat of Democratic state senators and delegates.

Pillow reports that the League had good conversations on the links with Sen. Henry Marsh (Courts of Justice member), House Minority Leader David Toscano (Courts of Justice member), and Dels. James Lionel Spruill (Commerce and Labor member), Matthew James (General Laws Committee), and Luke Torian (General Laws Committee). Torian also attended a golf clinic hosted by the League.

The pair also dined with Del. Rosalyn Dance (General Laws Committee), who recently won her primary. She thanked the League for its support of her efforts to beat back her challenger.

Pillow and Miles also talked with the statewide Democratic ticket of Terry McAuliffe, Sen. Ralph Northam, and Sen. Mark Herring (Commerce and Labor member). They are running for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, respectively.

The retreat continues today. Pillow and Miles attended the House Republican retreat earlier this year. 

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