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League Hosts Reception for US Senate Candidate Tim Kaine

Former Gov. Tim Kaine promised that credit unions wouldn’t be forgotten when  he’s weighing legislation related to financial services in the U.S. Senate. Thirty  attendees from credit unions as far away as Martinsville and Fairfax, as well  as CUNA and League staff, and a lobbyist from Hunton & Williams, attended a  League-sponsored reception for former Gov. Tim Kaine Sept. 5 in Richmond. Kaine  is in a too-close-to-call race for the Senate seat of the retiring Jim Webb.

The League  announced its endorsement of Kaine on Aug. 10. Those in attendance heard  about Kaine’s ties to Virginia’s credit unions going back to his days as  governor, when he placed League President Rick Pillow on his Mortgage  Foreclosure Task Force and worked with Virginia Credit Union to offer state  employees small, low-cost loans, along with financial education, in an effort  to keep them out of the clutches of payday lenders.

Pillow said Kaine had  struck a fair balance between protecting consumers and providing a fair and  flexible regulatory environment for financial institutions with his foreclosure task force and the legislation that came out of it.

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