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League Governmental Affairs Team Attends Lt. Gov. Bolling’s Breakfast Event

League President Rick Pillow and Karin Sherbin, director of governmental affairs, attended a fundraiser Tuesday morning for Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling. The event was one of a series of fundraisers held in Richmond before the start of the General Assembly session on Wednesday.

This opportunity gave credit union advocates a chance to talk directly to the lieutenant governor and announced gubernatorial candidate for a few minutes, as well as to talk with a few legislators at the event, including Del. Lee Ware and Del. Annie Crocket-Stark. Also saw Del. Riley Ingram again, sporting his new haircut for the General Assembly session.

Pillow and Sherbin also had the chance to talk again with Del. Tony Wilt, who has introduced a bill to delay implementation of certain high school graduation requirements but the legislation specifically excludes financial literacy. You can view HB 96 here: Please call or email Del. Wilt to tell him thanks for recognizing the importance of financial literacy and note the credit unions’ efforts on that front; you can do so at
(804) 698-1026 or email:

We also talked with a staff member of Gov. McDonnell’s administration who announced he is a member of Virginia Credit Union. He added that he and the governor appreciated the participation of VACU in one of the governor’s initiatives on financial education.

About 300 people attended the Lt. Governor’s fundraiser, and your League advocates were seated in the front row of tables. Lt. Gov. Bolling took to the stage and talked of his campaign being run like a military operation with an air war (media) and boots on the ground (volunteers who door knock, put up yard signs, etc.). He noted that today marks the 20th anniversary of his start of public service, when he began serving on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors. He rose to mayor, state senator and now lieutenant governor. He thanked everyone for their friendship, confidence and support.

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