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League, Credit Union Reps Paying Visits to Congressional Offices This Week in Support of S. 2231

A dozen credit union and League representatives will be visiting 11 of our 13 Congressional offices during the next two days.

We kick off with a visit with Sen. Warner on Tuesday morning, followed by a meeting with top aides of Sen. Webb that afternoon.

Wednesday we meet with House members, joined by a strong contingent of credit union advocates representing Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, and Piedmont regions.

The Credit Union National Association says 500 credit union advocates from around the nation are scheduled for this one final push on member business lending this session.

Even if you are not attending the Hike, you can help by telephoning or emailing our Senators.

  • By Phone
    Call our Senators – 202-224-3121* – and encourage them to vote for S. 2231, the Credit Union Small Business Jobs Act.

    *Editor’s Note: if the main switchboard number is busy, use these numbers:
    Webb: 202-224-4024
    Warner: 202-224-2023

    Please call today, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Have your board members and staff make calls, friends and family, and business owners with MBLs. Let us show the strength of the credit union movement!

  • By Email
    You can also e-mail our Senators in support of S. 2231 using the My Credit Union Is Me advocacy website.

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