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League Attends Fundraiser for Sen. Kaine

League President Rick Pillow and Director of Governmental Affairs Karin Sherbin attended a fundraiser for Sen. Tim Kaine at our lobbying firm of Hunton & Williams in Richmond Monday morning. Hunton lobbyist Heidi Abbott hosted the event, which was attended by about a dozen people in addition to League representatives.

League staff updated the Senator on our campaign to preserve the credit union tax exemption and our member business lending legislation. We also asked about the possibility of the Senate dropping the 60-vote threshold needed to press forward on controversial legislation, a rule that torpedoed the MBL legislation last session. He said it turns out to be more difficult to change that rule than he thought before being sworn in. Relief may come if  the Senate Majority Leader requires the pairing of the 60-vote minimum with an actual filibuster.

Kaine also said that he is working with Republican freshmen to create an environment in the Senate more open to compromise. He said he looks forward to seeing credit union constituents in Washington, especially as he begins preparations to move into his new Senate offices on June 3. Currently the freshmen Senators are housed in temporary quarters in the basement of buildings or in trailers.

The senator last week launched his new Senate website. Through the site, Virginians can contact Kaine and chime in on legislation. Although we would prefer, for tracking purposes, you contact the senator on preserving our tax exemption and member business lending through CUNA's Grassroots Action Center or our My Credit Union Is Me advocacy site, we will not complain if you'd rather use the senator's constituent website!

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