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League Attend Prayer Breakfast for Legislators

President Rick Pillow and Vice President for Public Relations Lewis Wood represented the League  Wednesday at the Commonwealth of Virginia Prayer Breakfast.

This annual event is held the morning of the day that the General Assembly convenes.  Pillow said the League was seated next to Del. Greg Habeeb, a past patron of our legislation and a member of the House Commerce and Labor Committee. Pillow also spoke with Del. Kathy Byron, who also is a past patron of our bills and is Vice Chairman of House Commerce and Labor; he thanked for serving as patron this session for the resolution congratulating the League on its 80th anniversary.

The League also spoke with Delegates Scott Garrett, Tony Wilt, Steve Landes, Rosalyn Dance and Barbara Comstock, as well as Senator Frank Ruff.

You can read more about the event itself here:

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