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House of Delegates Passes Our CU Bills!

The House approved our two House bills – HB 1351 and HB 1686 – on Monday, 87-to-0. The House vote follows last week’s Senate approval ofSB 905 and SB 769.

Next up: the bills will be sent to the opposite chambers on crossover day (Feb. 5) for a vote. Though partisanship heated up in the Senate on Monday on issues unrelated to credit unions, we don’t expect the ensuing rancor to affect our legislation.

CU Day Events at the General Assembly Offer Opportunity to Educate Lawmakers

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for credit unions at the General Assembly. The Roanoke Valley and Southwestern Virginia chapters traveled to Richmond last Wednesday to meet with lawmakers, while the Tidewater and Hampton Roads chapters made the trek yesterday.

Good, productive meetings all around, and thanks to our legislation sailing through the legislature (at least to this point), we have had a golden opportunity to educate lawmakers about what we do in the areas of micro-lending and financial education.

It was an eye opener for several lawmakers and served to remind them of the “Credit Union Difference.”

[Hampton Roads, Tidewater report]
[Roanoke Valley, Southwestern Virginia report]
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