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Going to the Congressional Luncheon, or just want to stay on top of everything? You can get a summary of our federal issues at the League’s governmental affairs web page. Click here: and then click on the link for federal issues under Congressional Luncheon registration.

The Credit Union National Association compiled two videos that are must-sees for our advocates: Business owners talk to Congress about their credit union MBLS, and Capitol Hill protocol.

The first video is an overview of CUNA’s Small Business Hike the Hill from February. The video showcases different portions of the hike and also includes testimony from small business owners who participated. These small business owners shared their stories of how credit union member business lending was instrumental in funding their respective business ventures.

One of the credit unions in the video, Bethpage, had a representative at the Sunday session of CUNA”s Governmental Affairs Conference going on this week and she said the Congressmen really paid attention to the stories that the member business owners told them.

We need a business owner to tell his or her story to our lawmakers! Please ask if anyone would talk to our lawmakers. Bethpage said that the brothers who spoke to Congressmen on behalf of the loan for the gym business had no qualms about being asked to help the credit union.

The second video is of CUNA’s Richard Gose and Ryan Donovan discussing Capitol Hill Etiquette and reviewing the “dos and don’ts” of lobbying. Overall, they stress that lobbying is a process, not an event. Feel free to distribute these videos at your discretion. Both of these videos will appear at GAC. I look forward to seeing you all in a few days!

Speaking of etiquette, some Congressional Luncheon attendees have noted that they aren’t seated at the table where their Congressman sits. This is true when that particular lawmaker has so many constituents at the event that they don’t all fit at the same time.

You can still say hello to your Representative. Without disrupting the program, discreetly go up the Congressman and introduce yourself. It may be best to do it at the table when the Congressman is seated, or if the Representative is on the fly, walk out the door and say hi briefly in the hallway or ask if you can walk with the lawmaker for two minutes. Walking the hallways with elected officials is how half the business gets done in Washington!

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