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General Assembly News & Notes

Virginia’s Foreclosure Bills Go Down

We get this report from our lobbying firm about the foreclosure bills we’ ve been monitoring: “House Courts Civil subcommittee met yesterday and dispatched all the foreclosure bills. The homeowner association priority lien bills are up (Thursday) afternoon in House General Laws Housing subcommittee. We expect them to face a similar result.”

The League and grassroots advocates had told legislators we weren’t reflexively opposing foreclosure bills but did want to ensure that any changes to protect consumers in turn would not hinder the ability of credit unions to serve their members well.

“Our strategy worked perfectly,” League President Rick Pillow says, with credit unions retaining their white hat image. The quiet dispatch of the foreclosure bills illustrates the power of grassroots work. Thank you advocates!

League President Takes To The Airwaves on Friday Morning

President Rick Pillow and the League’s lead lobbyist, Whitt Clement, will be featured guests on WLNI 105.9 FM Friday morning to talk about this year’s General Assembly session. The Lynchburg-area station will set up its remote broadcast in the office of state Sen. Steve Newman. The legislative wrapup is scheduled to air sometime between 8 and 8:30 a.m.

SW Chapter Visit Makes it to Facebook!

State Sen. Bill Carrico posted on his Facebook Wall the photo of his credit union constituents visiting him Monday for the Southwest Chapter’s General Assembly Day. See the posting here:!/bill.carrico?sk=wall

Here’s the photo!

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