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Action Alert: Don't Tax My Credit Union!

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  1. 'Don't Tax My Credit Union!' Action Alert and Webinar Invite
  2. Action Alert: Don't Tax My Credit Union!

Now is the time to mobilize and activate our national credit union grassroots and deliver a strong message to Congress: “Don’t Tax My Credit Union.”

Take Action


Contact your Member of Congress by visiting and clicking on the “Take Action” link.

Credit Union Action Steps

Credit unions: take the following action steps as quickly as possible:

  1. Visit and take action to contact your Members of Congress.
  2. Share this Action Alert with your members, again directing them to take action via the campaign site. We have provided draft language at our Credit Union Tax Advocacy Toolkit  that you can use to communicate this Action Alert to your members.
  3. Participate in our National Webinar on the Credit Union Tax Status on Wednesday, Wednesday, May 22nd at 3 p.m. To register for this free webinar, click here.
  4. Share and distribute to your members our Education and Activation Video, designed to educate and activate credit union members. It is prominently featured at and can also be viewed or linked to separately here.
  5. Make use of the various tools and resources in CUNA’s Credit Union Tax Advocacy Toolkit to engage and activate your membership.
  6. Share your credit union’s story of member and community service with lawmakers and the public via earned and especially social media. Our campaign will utilize the Twitter handle @CUNAadvocacy and #DontTaxMyCU, as well as the CUNA Advocacy Facebook page.
  7. Continue to stay abreast of new developments by checking the latest news at, following the social media platforms above, and keeping in touch with your league.  We anticipate that we may need credit unions to take action multiple times in the coming months.

Preserving the credit union tax exemption is CUNA’s number one priority, and we look forward to working with you on this campaign to engage 96 million American credit union members. 

Best regards,

Bill Cheney
Credit Union National Association
Washington, DC


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