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Credit Unions Step Up Efforts in 'Don’t Tax My Credit Union' Campaign

Virginians have made more than 9,000 contacts to Congress urging them keep the credit union tax exemption.

DuPont Community CEO Gerald Hershey has posted on the DCCU website the letter sent out to members, which reads in part: "Taxing credit unions like DCCU could destroy credit unions as we know them - eliminating financial choice for consumers. Moreover, taxing credit unions won’t even scratch our country's budget deficit.  For every $1 in new taxes on credit unions, the government would wipe out $10 in benefits to credit union members and consumers.  So, taxing credit unions is not only bad for our nation’s economy, it’s really just a tax on you, the member."

See the letter here:

> DCCU also has member success stories posted online: That’s a good advocacy tool).  

> Chesterfield is almost set to start handing out postcards to its members with the DTMCU message. To save on postage, Chesterfield is delivering the signed postcards to the Richmond offices of Sens. Warner and Kaine. 

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