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Congressmen Support Tax Exemption

Earlier this week League President Rick Pillow attended a fundraiser for Del. Kathy Byron, a Lynchburg delegate who sits on House Commerce and Labor. Her special guest was Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-6), who told Pillow that he supports the tax exempt status for credit unions. We also read in the Eastman Credit Union newsletter that Congressman Morgan Griffith came out in support of retaining credit unions’ federal tax status.

All good stuff, but let’s keep the messages coming so our federal lawmakers continue to stand by us as pressure builds during the tax reform debate! Go to to contact your congressman and our senators.

And ask other credit unions members to do the same. Virginia-based credit unions had generated 8,247 messages through the Don't Tax My Credit Union website and 172 phone calls to our Congressional delegation's offices as of last Tuesday!

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