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Casual for A Cause: Celebrate International Credit Union Day, Support Credit Unions’ Political Action Committee

We’re excited to share with you an easy and painless VACUPAC fundraiser that the Richmond Chapter has developed. It is called “Casual for a Cause” and gives staff the opportunity to dress casual on International Credit Union Day (Oct. 18) for a $5 contribution to VACUPAC. Attached is a flyer and backgrounder on the fundraiser. (Both documents are password-protected; register here if you need one.)

Please consider using this fundraiser at your chapter. Maybe we could have a goodhearted rivalry. Plus it would underscore the significance of International Credit Union Day.

Richmond also has set up a Facebook page. You can find it here:!/CasualForACause

Do we have the makings of a friendly competition among the chapters? Let us know if your chapter does its own version. This could be a fun way to recognize credit unions’ long history of political activism and raise a few more dollars for VACUPAC!

Karin Sherbin
Director of Governmental Affairs

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