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CUNA To Testify At April 10 CU Burden House Hearing

The Credit Union National Association expects to testify at an April 10 House Financial Services financial institutions and consumer credit subcommittee hearing on the regulatory burdens facing credit unions.

The credit union hearing, which is part of a 2013 series to study, in part, the impact of the Dodd-Frank Act, will take place one week before an April 16 hearing on bank regulatory issues. John Magill, CUNA Executive Vice President of Government Affairs, said a hearing focused on credit union issues is highly significant.

"We're breaking new ground here. Years ago, we would have been a side dish," he said. Even at a member business lending hearing in the last Congress, credit unions shared the day with banks. "Not so this time," he noted. CUNA is working to select a witness for the credit union regulatory burden hearing. [read more]

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