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CUNA: Fin Lit Bill Will Complement CU Efforts

(From CUNA's News Now) Credit unions work hard to improve financial literacy in their communities, and Sen. Kay Hagan's (D-N.C.) new financial education bill will surely aid those efforts, the Credit Union National Association said Thursday.
During a financial literacy hearing Wednesday held by the Senate subcommittee which she chairs, Hagan announced she will soon re-introduce her 2012 legislation, the Financial Literacy for All Students Act. (Use the resource link below to read April 24 News Now story: Witness Highlights CU Fin Lit Efforts In Senate Hearing)
The bill, according to Hagan, would create incentive grants for states to incorporate financial literacy education into their elementary and secondary school curricula. Professional development would also be provided to help teachers better teach the topics. The senator introduced similar legislation in 2011.

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