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CU Grassroots Tax Status Advocacy Effort Builds

Credit unions and their members already are heeding the call from the Credit Union National Association and the state credit union leagues to deliver this message to federal lawmakers: Don't Tax My Credit Union. And CUNA continues to add resources to its Tax Status Toolkit to support advocacy efforts by credit unions and their members. CUNA and the leagues have launched the large-scale, nationwide grassroots-mobilization campaign just at a time when the U.S. House and Senate have made broad-based tax reform a major priority. 

Social media contacts are among the key components of this grassroots campaign, making results difficult to precisely calculate; however, CUNA's Richard Gose says early indications show the campaign is off to a strong start. He reports that credit union advocates already have initiated 20,000 contacts on the credit union tax status with federal lawmakers via e-mail directly through a special CUNA website alone. Also, there have been 23,000 visitors to that site,, since it was launched just two weeks ago. [read more]

As of Monday, Virginia-based credit unions had generated 487 emails to our Congressional delegation in response to the Don't Tax My Credit Union campaign. But those numbers are certain to pick up as more credit unions mobilize their memberships!

  • Additional information on the “Don’t Tax My Credit Union’ campaign is available at
  • CUNA’s Credit Union Tax Status Advocacy Toolkit is available here.

> You can follow Argent Credit Union's good example in mobilizing supporters! The credit union sent an email to all board and supervisory committee members, associate directors, and management to view the information on the website and to contact their congressman and senators.

In addition, a similar email was forwarded to all employees of Argent, asking for them to do the same. The credit union will be adding the Don't Tax My Credit Union informational video to their website with a request for members to send in their email as well.

> Blue Eagle Credit Union (Roanoke) tells us it has drawn up a communication plan for its Don’t Tax My Credit Union campaign. It has produced a FAQ on the credit union tax exemption and the political history of the credit union movement as part of that campaign. It also has posted its campaign on its website to give members a chance to have their voice heard, too.  

> While visiting Richmond on Wednesday, we heard about Virginia Credit Union, Henrico Federal Credit Union, and Entrust Federal Credit Union phasing in their local campaigns. They are starting out with urging their staff members and volunteers to contact lawmakers, and have or will put on their websites the website button so that members can make their contacts.

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