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100,000 Contacts To Congress and Still Counting; Virginia Tallies More Than 5,700 Contacts!

The Credit Union National Association reports that nationally credit union members have made 102,512 contacts to Representatives and Senators through the website and telephoning. Virginia alone contributed 5,766 contacts. This is an amazing response to our campaign for our continued existence as we know it! Thank you one and all, and let’s continue to make our voices heard.

How did we get to nearly 5,800 contacts in Virginia? Here are some more examples from our credit unions:

  • Member One is incorporating its Don’t Tax My Credit Union Campaign into its marketing campaign featuring “super heroes” Carl and Roy on the credit union’s Facebook page
  • 1st Advantage reports sending messages to its members about their assistance needed in the Don’t Tax My Credit Union campaign.
  • New Generations has added an alert button to its web site to enable members to participate in the DTMCU efforts.
  • Belvoir’s flyer to members is posted on the CUNA web site as an example of best practices in the campaign! You can see Belvoir’s flyer and other best practices in CUNA’s tax status toolkit at (password protected).

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