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White House Threatens to Veto Fed Reform, CFPB Bills

The White House threatened to veto two bills on Tuesday – one that would mandate new cost-benefit requirements on the Federal Reserve and the other to allow loans held in portfolio to qualify as a "qualified mortgage."

The Fed bill, called the Fed Oversight Reform and Modernization Act, would... More

Shelby Says QM Tweaks on Table for Reg Relief

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby offered a few hints Wednesday about what bankers might see in pending regulatory relief legislation due next month.

Shelby didn't offer many specifics about the package or where the process stands with fellow lawmakers on his committee, but did signal a... More

Federal Regulators Approve Final QRM Rule

Federal regulators have approved a final qualified residential mortgage (QRM) rule, which requires investment banks to hold at least 5% of a loan's risk on their books when securitizing loans unless the loans meet the definition of a QRM. The rule also more closely aligns the definition of QRM with the... More

CUNA Still Concerned about QRM

CUNA has an overarching concern that the QM/QRM should never become the only type of mortgage that regulators will permit or that the secondary market will accommodate.

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