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Credit Union Bills Signed Into Law

Our hard work paid off handsomely last Thursday when Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed into law our two credit union bills. We appreciate our credit unions' support during the recently completed General Assembly session in getting these two bills passed.

"It's been a good General Assembly session for credit... More

League President Rick Pillow Reports that Credit Union Bills Win House Approval

SB 737 (prize-linked savings promotions) and SB 875 (excludes ATMs from definition of a service center), our Credit Union Legislation, passed the House Monday on a 99-to-0 vote, and now these bills are ready for the Governor's signature.

In addition, Credit Union legislation HB 1487 (prize-linked... More

General Assembly Convenes Jan. 14; 2 CU Bills on the Agenda

busy session awaits Virginia lawmakers when the 2015 General Assembly kicks off tomorrow. Credit unions will have two bills this session. One would allow credit unions and other financial institutions to offer prize-linked savings accounts and the other would exclude ATMs from the definition... More

Credit Unions Thank Rep. Forbes for Recent Support

Credit union representatives were fortunate enough to catch up with Congressman Randy Forbes to thank him for his support on two key pieces of legislation.

HR 4367, which Forbes voted in favor, eliminates a frustrating regulatory burden for credit unions, namely the mandate that ATMs carry a... More