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Credit Union Bills in State Senate Pass First Test

League President Rick Pillow reports that SB 905 and SB 769 have passed the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on Jan. 14, 15-to-0. Both Bills should be on the Senate Floor by mid-week. On to House Commerce and Labor Committee, where the House version of our bills are on the... More

Credit Union Bills Sail Through House Committee

We’re on a roll…League President Rick Pillow reports from Richmond that the House Commerce and Labor Committee unanimously passed our credit union bills – HB 1351 and HB 1686 – at 2:30 p.m. today (Jan. 15). They are off to the House floor for consideration.

SB 905 and ... More

15 NoVa-Area Credit Union Reps Participate in CU Day at the General Assembly Event

Fifteen advocates from the NoVa Chapter inaugurated this year’s CU Days at the General Assembly with a whirlwind trip to visit 47 legislative offices Tuesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon, the House Commerce and Labor Committee passed both House versions of our parity bills ( HB 1351 and ... More