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League Staff Represent Credit Unions in Pre-Session Events; CU Bill Is Filed

The General Assembly convenes Wednesday, but the legislators are already back in Richmond holding fundraisers and getting caught up with each other and hearing from lobbyists on their issues.

Virginia’s credit unions were part of the mix, with League President Rick Pillow and Governmental Affairs Director... More

League Represents CUs at Senate Republican, House Democratic Events

League officials representing credit unions continued the pre-session whirlwind in Richmond Tuesday afternoon by attending the Senate Republican reception and luncheon. At the event, League President Rick Pillow and Director of Governmental Affairs Karin Sherbin talked with most members of the Senate... More

League Governmental Affairs Team Attends Lt. Gov. Bolling’s Breakfast Event

League President Rick Pillow and Karin Sherbin, director of governmental affairs, attended a fundraiser Tuesday morning for Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling. The event was one of a series of fundraisers held in Richmond before the start of the General Assembly session on Wednesday.

This opportunity gave credit union... More

Consumer Savings from Durbin Uncertain, Says Consumer Advocate

Found this in the American Banker newspaper today:

Consumer advocates still aren’t sure if new federal caps on debit card swipe fees will end up helping or hurting consumers.

“It is too early to predict whether consumers will see some savings as a result of the new fee restrictions,” James L. Brown,... More