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CUNA: S&L Bill Should Prompt Action on CU Parity

(From CUNA's News Now, Nov. 4)

As a bill to give federal savings associations rights and duties equal with national banks passed a U.S. House committee, a series of lawmakers said Congress should also focus on relief for credit unions, which have a superior safety and soundness record.

The House Financial... More

League Bats 1000 With Wins By All 16 Endorsed Political Candidates

In a win for Virginia's credit unions, all 16 of the state lawmakers the League formally endorsed won re-election bids on Tuesday.

"It was a good day for us and for our friends in the General Assembly," said League President Rick Pillow. "Many organizations steer clear of formal endorsements,... More

Cyberthreat Info-Sharing Bill Passes Senate 74-21

The U.S. Senate passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) Tuesday afternoon by a vote of 74-21. The bill will now go into conference committee with the House.

Three amendments to the bill that were opposed by CUNA were left out of the final package. CUNA was also able to prevent the addition... More

League Endorsing 16 State Legislators; Get Out the Vote Next Tuesday!

Your League is endorsing 16 state lawmakers in races all across the Commonwealth. 

As you go to the polls next week, please consider casting your vote for these friends of the movement!

Virginia Credit Union League Endorses Sen. Bill Stanley in 20th District Race

State Sen. Bill Stanley shared news of his endorsement by the League with supporters last week.

Here is the message he forwarded... 

This week the Virginia Credit Union League, the statewide trade association for the 150 not-for-profit credit unions headquartered in the Commonwealth, has... More

League Endorses Del. Tim Hugo in Race

Del. Tim Hugo released news of our endorsement today!

Dean Goodson
Phone: (703) 815-1201

October 16, 2015 (Fairfax, VA) - The Virginia Credit Union League, the statewide trade association for the 150 not-for-profit credit unions headquartered in the Commonwealth, has endorsed Del. Tim Hugo (R-Fairfax)... More

Sen. Reeves Receives Virginia Credit Union League Endorsement

Sen. Bryce Reeves has released news of our endorsement!


October 15, 2015
Contact: Brit McKenzie
Phone: 540-940-3013

Senator Reeves Receives Virginia Credit Union League Endorsement

RICHMOND, Va— The Virginia Credit Union League, the... More

Reps Ask for Voluntary NCUA RBC Study: Agency Reply Expected Soon

(From CUNA's News Now, Oct. 8)-Three legislators wrote to National Credit Union Administration Chair Debbie Matz this week, asking the agency to conduct a study into the effects of its revised risk-based capital proposal. An agency spokesperson confirmed the NCUA received the request, and that it would... More

House Passes Bill to Delay Enforcement of New Mortgage Disclosures

The House voted 303 to 121 on Wednesday to pass a bill that would delay enforcement of new mortgage disclosures that went into effect on Oct. 3.

The Homebuyers Assistance Act would shield lenders from private litigation as well as regulatory enforcement actions during a five month period.

The legislation... More

1st Advantage's Mike Flanary Honored by CUs, League for Advocacy Work

Mike Flanary - Resolution

Mike Flanary (pictured right), was saluted Oct. 7 at the Legislative Forum for his advocacy work on behalf of Virginia's credit... More

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