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Governmental Affairs Committee

Volunteer advocates from each of the 11 Congressional Districts coordinate governmental affairs activities in their areas and provide advice to the League and the Board of Directors.

The committee has three subcommittees: advocacy, VACUPAC, and regulatory affairs. To become more politically involved, please contact the committee member in your Congressional District or the chair overseeing the subcommittee you are interested in.

Statewide Governmental Affairs Committee

Purpose: To protect, preserve, and improve the laws governing credit unions, to conduct legislative forums, to disseminate legislative information at Chapter meetings, to be responsible for contacting credit unions in each Chapter area to generate legislator contact when requested to do so by the League, to determine the legislative needs of credit unions, to increase awareness and support for political activity, and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors of the League. 

Chairman Patsy Stuard Fort Lee FCU
Vice Chairman Alan Christopher DuPont Community CU
Grassroots Chairman Andrew Reynolds ValleyStar CU
Fundraising/PAC Chairman Nicole Bowen Fairfax County FCU
Regulatory Affairs Chairman John Beiler Park View FCU
Board Liaison Rose Gilliam  
Congressional District 1 George Dudley BayPort CU
Congressional District 2 Carl Ratcliff ABNB FCU
Congressional District 3 Karen Orie Hampton Roads Educators CU
Congressional District 4 Patsy Smith People's Advantage FCU
Congressional District 5 Tim Rowe Member One FCU
Congressional District 6 Alan Christopher DuPont Community CU
Congressional District 7 Jane Watkins Virginia CU
Congressional District 8 Lynette Smith Washington Gas Light FCU
Congressional District 9 Greg Hill ValleyStar CU 
Congressional District 10 Joe Thomas Fairfax County FCU
Congressional District 11 Gaye DeCesare Belvoir FCU

Grassroots Committee

Purpose: To coordinate grassroots involvement in the local (state) and district (federal) areas including the recruitment of volunteers to participate in the electoral process. The committee member will also promote and seek participants to visit Congress, the General Assembly, and district offices. 

Chairman Andrew Reynolds    ValleyStar CU
District 1 Chris St. Clair BayPort CU
District 2 Nancy McMahon Chartway FCU
District 3 Paul Muse 1st Advantage FCU
District 4 Jeanne Dodson Chesterfield FCU
District 5 Suzanne Hodgins UVA Community CU
District 6 Ken Gonyer Park View FCU
District 7 Glenn Birch  Virginia CU
District 8 Susanne Waltemyer CommonWealth One FCU
District 9 Dave Prosser Freedom First FCU
District 10 Lisa Wood-Mitchell Northwest Federal CU
District 11 Vacant  

Fundraising Committee

Purpose: To coordinate fundraising among credit unions, staff, and volunteers in the 10 chapters. Goals may be established by chapter, by credit union, or on behalf of candidates. 

Chairman Nicole Bowen   Fairfax County FCU
Hampton Roads Paul Willis BayPort CU
Tidewater Chris Anuswith ABNB FCU
Richmond Jason Ritter Henrico FCU
Southside Sarah Marks Fort Lee FCU
Piedmont Norman Hill ValleyStar CU
Roanoke Valley Cliff DeMars Blue Eagle CU
Lynchburg Kathy Smith Beacon CU
Central Virginia Allison Fink DuPont Community CU
Southwest Rick Finley WJC FCU
NOVA Bill Hawkins Healthcare Systems FCU

Regulatory Affairs Committee

Purpose: To provide a forum for discussing the impact of proposed or current regulation on credit union operations. The committee will provide guidance to League positions on proposed regulations and pending legislation. 

Chairman John Beiler    Park View FCU
Hampton Roads Diane Nortness Langley FCU
Tidewater Eddie Matney Chartway FCU
Richmond Jessica Lewis Chesterfield FCU
Central Virginia Alison DeTuncq UVA Community CU
Richmond Chris Saneda Virginia CU 
Tidewater Nathalie Williams PortAlliance FCU
Lynchburg Greg McConville Beacon CU