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Governmental Affairs

Understanding Our Advocacy Mission

We need lawmakers in office who will help create a positive legislative and regulatory environment for Virginia’s credit unions. While your League represents credit unions day in and day out, there is no substitute for constituent input.

There are many ways for you to be politically involved. On the following pages, you can keep up with governmental affairs news, learn what you can do to be involved, gain access to legislators and legislation, and learn the importance of your financial contributions.

Contact your League's Director of Governmental Affairs, Karin Sherbin, at 800.768.3344, ext. 626 or for information.

General Assembly 2016

Information and resources for the 2016 General Assembly session

News and Updates

Receive regular updates on the happenings at the state and U.S. capitols.

Get Involved

Tell the credit union story to lawmakers in Richmond and Washington.

State Legislative Issues

Examine the laws and regulations being tackled on your behalf at the state level.

Federal Legislative Issues

Examine the laws and regulations being tackled on your behalf at the national level.

Bills in Congress for the 114th session, 2015-2016


Strengthen your governmental affairs impact. Support your Political Action Committee (PAC).

Credit Union House of Virginia

Our advocacy work is made possible by the support of our credit unions! Contribute now to make the Credit Union House of Virginia a reality in downtown Richmond.

Governmental Affairs Committee

Volunteer advocates who oversee governmental affairs activities in the Congressional District level.