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Smart Credit Check

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A Collaborative Educational Campaign of the Credit Unions Care Foundation’s Financial Education Committee

Smart Credit Check is a collaborative project of the Credit Cares Foundation’s Financial Education Committee that seeks to educate our members and our communities on the importance of individuals pulling their own credit reports and monitoring them for financial safety and soundness.  In addition to the educational focus of this project, this ongoing campaign will also deliver an opening dialog for credit unions to use as a business development opportunity and increase awareness of credit unions as trusted financial resources.  Because it is a coordinated collaborative effort of the Credit Union Cares Foundation, statistics can be collected from all participating credit unions to demonstrate the impact of the campaign itself and to seek potential funding for growing the project’s visibility and service offerings.

The Smart Credit Check downloadable content consists of three Tool Kits:

Educational Tool Kit:  Provides content for teaching members and potential new members about how to pull their credit report safely and how to make sense of it.

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • List of Resources
  • Seminar Handouts
  • Seminar Evaluation Form
  • Impact Training Instructions

Marketing and Public Relations Tool Kit: Provides templates of marketing and advertising material for the credit union to identify itself as a “Smart Credit Check” credit union.

  • Sample media releases,
  • Social media tweets
  • Newsletter articles,
  • Lobby poster
  • Public service announcements
  • Digital images
  • Sample emails Template

Credit Union Enrichment ToolKit:  This toolkit focuses on how to implement the campaign for developing the credit union’s business (to bring in new accounts or generate loans).  It contains a training PowerPoint presentation for the credit union staff, demonstrating how to review a credit report with a member to identify business development opportunities while living up to our credit union’s philosophy of people helping people.

  • Timeline for Implementing a Campaign Burst
  • Staff Training Power Point Presentation
  • Best Practices on Marketing
  • Tips on Successful Seminar & Event Presentations,
  • How to Report Results.