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Members of the Financial Education Committee

2012-2013 Financial Education Committee Roster

Chairman Rebecca Cardwell UVA Community Federal Credit Union 434.293.7731
Foundation Board Liaison Cliff Demars Roanoke Chapter 540.342.3429
League Liaison Dawn Lindley VACUL 434.237.9617
Committee Member Dianna Clouse Virginia Credit Union 804.267.1451
Committee Member Rick Finley WJC Federal Credit Union 276.475.5596
Committee Member Sylvia Watford BayPort Credit Union 757.928.7846
Committee Member Suzie Bohannon URW Community Credit Union 434.793.1278
Committee Member Shannon Lindstrom  Belvoir Federal Credit Union  703.730.1800, ext. 5155
Committee Member Robyn Clark  Henrico Federal Credit Union  804.266.0290
Committee Member Meg Forsberg Chartway Federal Credit Union 757.552.1000
Committee Member Sarah Landram  DuPont Community Federal Credit Union  800.245.8085
Committee Member Jimia Jones Fort Lee Credit Union  804.452.0736
Committee Member  Kristal Joyner Peoples Advantage Federal Credit Union  804.748.3081
Committee Member Ryan LaFountain Freedom First Federal Credit Union 540.389.0244
Committee Member Sarah Taylor Beach Municipal Federal Credit Union 757.333.7787
Committee Member Lisa Wescoat NSWC Federal Credit Union 540.663.2181
Committee Member Karen Frazier Northern Piedmont Federal Credit Union  5403474900