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Financial Education Committee

The Financial Education Committee meetings are held in Richmond. The meetings are bi-monthly from September to June and are open to anyone who would like to attend.

Current Project Briefing

Standards of Learning in economic and personal finance have been integrated into the mandated graduation requirements for all Virginia public school students. Beginning with students who entered the ninth grade in 2011, all students must earn a credit in economics and personal finance to graduate from high school.

Your Virginia Credit Union League’s Financial Education Committee works directly with schools and teachers to assist them in meeting this mandate. The committee held a Real Money Teacher Training where educators from across the state attended and were offered free resources and curricula from credit unions to teach financial literacy. League Committee members were also active participants in the Virginia Jump$tart Summit where more than 200 teachers were reached. This year, Virginia’s credit unions reached over 30,000 students with financial education programs.

The committee also focused on how to better track the effectiveness of financial education programs for their members. A set evaluation form was created to gain a better understanding of the members they serve and the benefits of financial education courses. The committee will review its findings during 2013.