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Financial Education

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate the credit union difference is to educate your members, your SEGs, and your communities on how to better manage their money. Your League has a wide variety of resources to help you accomplish this.

Contact your League's Director of Marketing & Financial Education, Dawn Lindley, at 800.768.3344, ext. 617 or for information. 

It’s a Money Thing

The Credit Unions Care Foundation of Virginia and Currency Marketing have collaborated on a fundraising agreement to promote the popular It's a Money Thing financial education content program. 

Smart Credit Check

Take Part in the Collaborative Educational Campaign of the Credit Unions Care Foundations's Financial Education Committee

Financial Education Committee

The mission of your Financial Education Committee is to deliver the difference. 

Get Started with Financial Education

New to Financial Education?  Here are some ideas on how to get started.

Get Involved with Financial Education

How to expand your Financial Education network and beef up your resources.

Report Your Financial Education Efforts

Help keep Virginia as a leader in financial education by reporting your efforts here.

Awards & Scholarships

Here’s how you can get recognition for what you do.

Grant Opportunities

Bring your financial education projects to life by exploring these grant opportunities.

Board of Directors

Your League offers NCUA-required financial literacy training for your Volunteer Directors.


Ensure your credit union is able to provide solid financial education to your members. Find the tools and resources you need here.