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Community Involvement

Credit unions practice a "People Helping People" philosophy. An important part of that philosophy is the long history of social responsibility, including the support of charitable and community causes and the promotion of financial education. Virginia's credit unions proudly volunteer thousands of hours and millions of dollars each year to the betterment of their communities and toward the education of consumers.

Our Work

Our statewide community involvement work is coordinated by the Credit Unions Care Foundation of Virginia and its Community Involvement Committee.

The Committee works to encourage credit unions' involvement in their local communities through volunteerism, community service projects and charitable giving. The League Board has charged the Committee with naming a charity-of-choice for Virginia's credit union system. By naming a single charity-of-choice, we are able to better coordinate our combined giving efforts, promoting and participating in fundraising projects that reach all Virginia-based credit unions.

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Community Calendar

Upcoming Community Involvement and Charitable Events.

Food Banks

News and Information About Our Partnership with the Federation of Virginia Food Banks and its Partner Agencies

CMN Hospitals

Our Work with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and Credit Unions for Kids.